Help Center Find new research papers in: However, students at this level believe that axioms and definitions are fixed, rather than arbitrary, so they cannot yet conceive of non-Euclidean geometry. The effect of geometry instruction with dynamic geometry software; GeoGebra on Van Hiele geometry understanding levels of students. Retrieved from ” https: The Soviets did research on the theory in the s and integrated their findings into their curricula.

Journal for Research in Mathematics Education. Geometry Material design Level: Through rich experiences, children can reach Level 2 in elementary school. Since the sample of this study were the students of 4th grade in elementary school, the first 15 questions Is there significant difference between pretest scores of the test representing the first 3 levels were taken and applied as of experimental and control groups? Geometric ideas are still understood as objects in the Euclidean plane. The impact of experience in a logo learning grade primary school students.

Dissertation Abstract Index, 52 3: Pierre van Hiele noticed that his students tended to “plateau” at certain points in their understanding of geometry and he identified these plateau points as levels. Children at this fan often believe something is true based on a single example.

Dissertation Abstract Index, A theory of mathematics Toluk UZ This is in contrast to Piaget ‘s theory of cognitive development, which is age-dependent.

The software that provide visual and effective learning envi- In the study, pre-tests and post-tests were given to the participants ronment for students have increased as Technological before and after the instruction as an independent variable. In addition, in the control other as the control group. Most of the relations There were 42 students, 24 students from class in the experi- in geometry course are obtained by means of visual repre- mental group which received computer assisted instruction CAI sentations of the objects so visual representations are musts for with dynamic geometry software GeoGebra during laboratory some students hiel learn geometry.


Thus, children at this stage might balk at calling a thin, wedge-shaped triangle with sides 1, 20, 20 or sides 20, 20, 39 a “triangle”, because it’s so different in shape from an equilateral trianglewhich is the usual prototype for dissertqtion.

Shapes with rounded or incomplete sides may be accepted as “triangles” if they bear a holistic resemblance to an equilateral triangle.

van hiele dissertation

A child must have enough experiences classroom or otherwise with these geometric hirle to move to a higher level of sophistication. Trigonometry, dynamic mathematics software, GeoGebra, achievement, attitude. Other modifications have also been suggested, [10] such as defining sub-levels between the main levels, though none of these modifications have yet gained popularity.

Van Hiele model

Therefore the system of relations is an independent construction having no rapport with other experiences of the child. Click on Bar icon under General Tools-1 tab.

van hiele dissertation

Focus on Learning Problems in Mathematics. This means application period. What is dynamic geometry? They have proposed renaming this level the syncretic level. Visual media provided to sessions.

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Skip to main content. Children simply say, “That is a circle,” usually without further description. As seen in Table 1, the rank average of the experimental standing level of the students in control group after the group is The levels are discontinuous, as defined in the properties above, but researchers have debated as to just how discrete the levels actually are.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Mann Whitney U-test scores for the pretest scores of the groups. The scoring system by Lee was used for the of the groups were compared with Mann-Whitney U test.

Material design of circle unit with dynamic mathematics Tools: He has not learned to establish connections between the system and the sensory world. Experimental process Worksheets were prepared to guide students through application process of computer assisted instructional activities developed by Before starting experimental phase while experimental and control DGS.

Using dynamic geometry vsn expand mathematics MoNET The results of Wilcoxon signed rank test comparing pretest and posttest scores of the experimental group. The worksheets provide the students with clue-type instruc- groups were being determined the opinions of the course teacher tions about the activities, instead of giving ready-knowledge were collected and A and B classrooms with equivalent directly.

van hiele dissertation

The problems faced in amount of software, there are two important forms of geometry instruction in our dissertwtion revealed that various software contributing to the teaching and learning of instructional materials should be developed and applied mathematics; CAS and DGS.