Tandy was the corrupt city manager who spent his time fighting the HSR project without telling the city council what he was doing. Pretty hard to sympathize since reportedly they complained about Tejon turning Bakersfield into a bedroom community for LA. It was designed to be an inviting, well-lit and airy place for commuters and tourists alike to spend their time. Clearly there is some rethinking going on and remember partial agonizing reappraisal is better than none and probably more is forthcoming. Caltrain according to docs: The rail authority has told Southern California it will pour money into local transportation projects that will later be part of the bullet train, including a redesign of Union Station. Why is this so suprising?

Baby Bullets to Millbrae are around 40 minutes not 1: Not a bad strategy. The two least establishment candidates lead. Kern County is now in a tough situation. The HSR project comes are good time to review the past decisions to infill and focus on transit. I think the issue is that labor is so cheap in China.

New bullet train business plan will show higher costs, CEO Brian Kelly says – Los Angeles Times

Aarond Feb 23rd, at But if you care to put your money where your mouth is I am happy to bet you whatever amount of money you would like that CP 1 ends up more than millon businesw budget.

Since then, House leaders have said they will not approve any additional support. It may have gotten turned back on by default when I did a bunch of software upgrades a month or so ago. As I said they are just an interim solution from the Spanish goverment. The notion that we have become conservative as we have aged is ludicrous.


cahsr business plan 2016

It has added design elements that will not be in the Fresno River viaduct. Jerry Brown, Richard, PB et al have profoundly changed the conventional interpretation of Prop 1a for political convenience. There will be very unhappy people who live along the right of way in wealthy Pennisula cities. How the problems in the Central Valley will affect the cost estimates for other segments of the system is still unclear.

cahsr business plan 2016

I believe in urban areas they allow cahsf city to make specific requests. February 19th, at 6: Bart ride San Jose to Millbrae is 1: I noticed the page two on another recent article here. If the ROW is grade separated and Caltrain is electrified, Caltrain itself will ask for higher speeds.

Business Plans | California High-Speed Rail Authority

Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon D-Paramount said in a recent interview that he is concerned about the growing talk of the project becoming a commuter system for Northern California. 2106, as he will look like he is betraying his home turf. The Wasco site is zoned for Heavy Industrial. Pretty hard to sympathize since reportedly they complained about Tejon turning Bakersfield into a bedroom community for LA.

And if they can get those trains up to SF and to Bakersfield, all the better — and that will go a long way in getting the additional funding needed to close the gap and connect Bakersfield to Los Angeles.


The Altamont vs Pacheco debate is still important, especially as speed is rated below serving the larger market demand and need. The GOP — well, actually their predecessors the Whigs — invented National Greatness governmental infrastructure development.

This plan was well designed to put maximum pressure on Busineas McCarthy. Cal legislators regarding this plan. And they will continue to be. But as he and Shafter City Manager Scott Hurlbert made clear, the draft cashr only just been released for public review and comment. They originally planned for almost all to be overpasses and having the trackbed so high meant they had to go extra high.

He conveniently leaves out the costs of commuting from such a distance. Kern County is now in a tough situation.

cahsr business plan 2016

They are misrepresenting the overall costs. Yes, it was poorly designed as is the Millbrae station.

High-Speed Rail Business Plans

Merced is going to be furious too. Add on parking fees at Fresno; possibly additional transportation charges at San Jose to olan to work. They could potentially fix the gap if they put up the money for it. And eliminate the oil squirters.