The Saints and the Roughnecks 8 August The Subculture of Delinquency and the Lower-class Focal Concerns Theory cannot absolutely relate to the Roughnecks and the Saints because the theories study low-class individuals, whereas the the groups are of higher classes. They are labeled as roughnecks, which essentially means, in modern lingo “trailer trash. Notify me of new comments via email. Firstly, though, how the Roughnecks were viewed must be evaluated first. The art of Turning up Turning up is one of the hardest escapade that each one of us must take. From the article one can clearly understand the consequences of raising a child in a lonely environment Kingsley,

Click to download the paper! This title makes it easier for a person to judge the nature of activities the group indulges in. Sources Used in Document: This site uses cookies. Looks can ever be lead oning and in the instance of the saints.

Conformity, deviance and Crime The Saints and the Roughnecks were two clusters of boys anr the same Hanibal High School, who got involved in the same kinds of abnormal behaviors but were branded differently by the public. Hirschi believes that we all have these inclinations, however the strength or weakness of our social bonds are what drive us to either conformity non-convention. Please choose the access option you need: The decisions of the.

The bullies which came from a non good to make household is non good dressed and were stereotyped on making no saknts is much more likely belong to the lover portion of the hierarchy while the saints who were largely rich childs belong to the upper portion of the society which enables them to get away from their errors easy Headrick.

The visual aspect of the two thee possibly added to the image they were portraying in the society. This is just a sample.


The Saints and the Roughnecks

A limited time offer! The article describes two groups of high school students, both of whom engage regularly in delinquent behaviors, but are perceived and treated entirely differently by society.

Click here and use discount code Save We have the resources. Accessed May 22, The two groups though belong to the same age brackets were truly different from each other. Obviously, the theory assumes that those who become antisocial and deviant are the ones who are victims of negative labeling.

It does not matter that the reason they have good grades is that they cheat. We’ll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. The article also argues that a lot of persons are involved in crimes for fame whilst others are not aware of their gradual inclusion in these groups.

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Also, the Roughnecks can be described under this theory, in which the criminal and retreatist subcultures relate to the group because both emphasize on alcohol and the latter relates to absence of goals. Of the functionalist study, this can prevent anomie, and the Roughnecks can utilize or maintain their learned cultural goals.

the saints and the roughnecks essay

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The Saints versus The Roughnecks: A Sociological Study

The Symbolic Interactionist Perspective allows us to look in the attitude or the behaviour of the people. Although the groups had a fairly equal amount of lawlessness, the groups were treated unequally by the community because of the labeling theory.

Hirschi’s theory highlights the relationship between how well people bond socially with one another and how likely they are to commit anti-social behaviors. Regardless of their bad behavior the Saints had the will and need to be successful people and many people viewed their behavior as a stage that most teenagers go through. The Saints and the Roughnecks 8 August Briefly in general what happened to the Saints after high school?


the saints and the roughnecks essay

How essy times was Chambliss aware of the Saints being stopped by the police in Big Town during his two years of observation? Chambliss says roughnceks behavior can be curbed through means such as labeling, and punishment that reduce chances of children indulging in delinquent behaviors It can be argued that most of the Roughnecks perceived no concrete or success goals, which is why the group spent a substantial amount of their time stealing for alcohol.

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For example, the Saints were able to talk their way out of trouble because of their status in society. Theory of Social Development. Article 2 The article on Anna and Isabella revolves around mental development in children. On the other hand if you are repeatedly told that you can do anything you want with your life, that you are smart or that you are powerful, you will eventually fulfill those labels. Social Stratification which is most normally characterized with the hierarchy that is present in the society.

In the instance of the pupils in the article which the writer used as his topics.

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