Wirtschaftskammer Steiermark, German abbreviation: Maximiliane Mori within four weeks. Chair of Functional Materials and Materials Systems. Mitteilungsblatt; German title of the Mitteilungsblatt: Title Type Publication date Author last name 1st author.

Institute of Electrical Engineering. Chair of Physical Chemistry. To support young scientists, the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Science und Research provides research scholarships every two years. Rudolf Posselt’sche Reisefonds [travel fund]. Chair of Design of Steels.

Chair of Polymer Processing. The aim of the support scholarship is to provide financial aid to degree dissertaation students for ongoing theses or dissertations that involve an above-average financial outlay e.

Chair of Nonferrous Metallurgy. Chair of Conveying Technology.

Chair of Materials Science and Testing of Polymers. Chair of Atomistic Modelling and Design of Materials. The Chair of Industrial Logistics provides information regarding applications.

Chair of Petroleum Geology.

Chair of Mineral Processing

Applications are to be handed in at the rectors office Ms. Chair of Information Technology.


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Chair of Industrial Logistics. For more information, please contact Univ.

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Chair of Energy Network Technology. Open Embargoed Closed Indeterminate None. Chair of Subsurface Engineering. A candidate accident tolerant fuel system based on a highly concentrated alloy thin film Tunes, Disseration.

Institute of Structural and Functional Ceramics. CD-Laboratory for high efficient composite processing.

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The Hellmut-Longin award is intended to support outstanding scientific work in the mineralogy field. Chair of Mechanical Engineering. Rudolf Posselt’sche Reisefonds [travel fund]. Mitteilungsblatt; German title of the Mitteilungsblatt: Department Applied Geosciences and Geophysics.

Microbial production of high value molecules using rayon waste material as carbon-source Vecchiato, S.

Department Mineral Resources Engineering. Applications are to be submitted to the Chair of Ceramics. Harald Harmuth in the Chair of Ceramics. Has full text Does not have full text.

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Chair of Chemistry of Polymeric Materials. Vehicle industry anniversary scholarship.

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Applications are to be submitted to O. Chair of Physical Metallurgy and Metallic Materials. Chair of Economic- and Business Management.


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Application documents are to be submitted to the Chair of Mathematics and Statistics. Chair of Applied Geophysics.