Letter of Support A letter of support from your Honors thesis mentor must be included. A good heuristic is this: Your hard drive will crash. Major Chair Last Name. The advisor of contact does not have an active role in the oversight of the project and does not set the expectations for content or completion. What are some recommended preliminary actions?

What is the professional development associated with the thesis? An artistic creation or performance. If a grade is not merited, the University Honors Program will contact the Registrar and request removal of the thesis courses from the student’s transcript. The following are situations where Honors credits are earned based on the completion of a series of special program courses or modules:. This endowed fund provides support for a limited number of University Honors students who undertake Honors thesis projects of exceptional merit. Fourth, visit with the Honors Program’s associate director for research.

Who is eligible to serve as the Honors thesis mentor on an Honors thesis? In all cases, the Department Chair or Program Director, the course instructor, the Honors student and the Honors Program Director must all agree to the proposal for Honors credits through a contract course.

Earning Honors Credits : University of Dayton, Ohio

The UHP uvayton the thesis process, noting its central role in the development of emerging scholars. Please note that the decision regarding funding is made as part of a competitive process. Complete Ethics training by February The thesis is initiated by the student and directed by an academic mentor who has agreed to work with the student.

udayton honors thesis

Both student and instructor should be in agreement regarding any possible changes to the grading policy in light of the different course requirements for this student. Honors Thesis Mentor The Honors Thesis Mentor is a full-time member of the University of Dayton faculty from the department in which you are doing your thesis and who is directly supervising your thesis project.


Why write a thesis? Evaluation Guidelines The student can expect a proposal evaluator to consider this list of questions.

Honors Thesis General Information

The thesis is a single, extended learning experience. Thesis Intent Document Students who plan to do a thesis project as part of their Honors Program diploma option must complete a Thesis Intent Document by November 10, based on the following timeline: Have an honest conversation with your thesis mentor about what sort of worker you are.

Co-op students and December graduates will tbesis timelines different from that of the typical full-time Honors student. Mentor’s Chair Last Name. An application should be submitted after 8 weeks of student teaching so the approval process is complete before graduation.

udayton honors thesis

Honors Program Earning Honors Credits. Scholarship from the disciplines included in the visual and performing arts has the potential to take on a variety of formats.

This can even work across departments: The important process milestones for completing an Honors thesis are as follows see the Timeline for specific dates:. If a student decides to discontinue the thesis project prior to its completion or, in rare cases in which the student is not making satisfactory progress towards the completion of the thesis, the student must formally withdraw from the thesis by contacting the thesis mentor and the University Honors Program.


Thesis Timeline

Thesis Proposal Sample 3: Please summarize in words your research project. In fact, these distinctive thesis projects are often not limited to scholarly research, but commonly incorporate research and service as well. Welcome to the UHP.

udayton honors thesis

The advisor of contact does not have an active role in the oversight of the project and does not set the expectations for content or completion. Thesis Proposal Sample 2: Successful completion of the national fellowship process shall be determined by the Associate Director; note that receipt of the award is not necessary for earning the Honors credits. Typically, a thesis fellowship is used to offset expenses such as the following: The thesis itself is the written work, and represents the culmination of the entire thesis research effort.

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If all goes well, nothing. The Honors Program acknowledges these activities with Honors credits HCs that apply toward the requirements for the Honors and Udaytin with Distinction diplomas. The amount of the fellowship will be the equal the cost of a single in Marycrest plus the minimum required meal plan.

What if I want to do my thesis in a discipline other than my own? Sample Proposals Thesis Proposal Sample 1: What advice is there once Udaytoon agree to do a thesis? July 1 Thesis fellowships disbursed.