The book that he wrote that I loved the best was Kensuke’s Kingdom. Maja Szul from England This is an amazing emotional roller coaster. At the start of the novel, we find that the main character Michael has a great life with his parents and the lovable family dog, Stella Artois. One of the best books ever! I feel that the book was exciting because it was an futuristic adventure about a boy Michael who gets stranded on an island with a man.

I liked this book I’ve read it about 5 times! So far this summer, this has been my favorite book. Rio from Isle of Man It’s terrible. My favourite character was Stella because she was always confused and didn’t know what was going on. Zeyad from UAE The book is very awesome. I guess the only thing I can say for improvement is writing more books since i have ready all of Michael Morpergo’s books and currently doing a Book review at school for the book.

Dana homewokr UK It was really good and nearly every one likes it. Charlotte It is a fantastic book. I liked this book because its a descriptive and interesting story, i would recommend it and i would give it 5 stars. It’s so tempting to see what happens next.

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But when a chol Mingdom read this book in school and as homework. From about 9 years old and up. Ella from Wales It is very good and I would recommend it to every one!!!!!!!! I would have prefered it if it had a few more illustrations in it. Adam and Rhys from Bradford It was a fantastic book you know just like the colour of magic book.


kensukes kingdom homework

Paige-Amy from Bradford I really liked the book and I would like to read more books like this one! Croix I love love love this book! I am reading it now in class it is really good thank you to my teacher Mrs Debbie Batch for getting me into kingom. Peter from England Best book ever!

But why is Michael a good character. Lines and paragraphs break automatically. Joshua Raposo October 27, So begins a wonderful, heart-wrenching tale of friendship. It is a 10 out of 10 because everyone will like it. It is a very funnily heartbreaking book which is packed with fascinating situations and solutions.


kensukes kingdom homework

Zak from United Kingdom A very good book if u want to bring your child in touch with human emotions. It was an amazing book filled with adventure and also had small small parts which were sad. It was really interesting and exciting, there were a lot of good pictures and I enjoyed the book. Even though I rate the homwwork ten stars I wish I could rate it 30 stars! I say for 8 and overs. Michael Murpurgo, you are a kenskes.

Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo book review

I like it very good hook and very interesting intrege scary. Our class read the book over the period of a few weeks, it blew us away!!! Book and a Pint: Hanna from Cardiff This book is fantastic and so is are all of the other books Michael Mopurgo writes. I would rather just read the book Onder Tekin. But one day, Michael is sent overboard by a tumultuous wave and he fears he will never survive; “The terrors came fast, one upon another.


Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo

I love this book and would recommend it to everyone, as it is in my opinion one of the best books out there, and for all those readers out there this book shallot disappoint you. In every chapter it would leave you in suspense. I recommend this book for my friends Samuel and Lia, who live in Solihull, and Benjamin, who lives in Birmingham. I gave it to my grandson and can’t wait to hear his opinion and to discuss this great book together!

One night, when he was out at sea, he sung to himself to calm down.