Impacts of Landslides Landslides are one of the most hazardous forms of destruction in mountain regions across the world. I was hooked to news: Structurally, research is not given the due importance, nor is paying or attractive compared to other options. And with my limited abilities, I will be a liability and most probably needed to be evacuated. Why Mountains are Important. Does this argument substantiate the level and intensity of the flood that hit the Kedarnath township during 16 and 17 June ! I think that the proffesional peoples working with water in different ways have to share their experience and lessons learnt from different situations from daily work in order to under stand all of us climate changes facts and causes and to prevent if possible.

But the report did not see the light of day,” So the man-made factors that aggravated disaster can be summarized as. After disbelief and shock, my first reaction was anger: I was tired of sensational breaking news and typical blaming the government. The tardiness of the information flow undoubtedly reflects both the exceptionally difficult terrain in this area and the magnitude of the damage, with for example few roads having been left intact. The Times Of India. I think no matter how much I try, it will never sink into me.

essay on landslide in kedarnath

They also distributed food packets to stranded pilgrims who were in a pathetic condition being not having any food for more than 72 hours at many places. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction. The Kedarnath temple town is located in the western extremity of the Central Himalaya In this light, it is comprehensible that indications that are thrown up by nature before it lets up its fury in any form are often missed out; while the state-of-the art may be one reason for our shortfall in knowledge and understanding of the phenomenon, we often tend to depend on instruments than on our research acumen to quickly capture and analyse data to foresee disastrous events.


Uttarakhand Landslides and Flood: a Man Made Crisis

And also the glacier snout was broken at the time of breach which we also found at the site and was also confirmed by the locals there. Government agencies and priests of Kedarnath temple were planning mass cremation of the hundreds of victims, after one week of tragedy.

Same story when we descended to Kedarnath at the lancslide of our trek: Large scale deforestation 7. Or it could be termed as a cumulative ,andslide of change in temperature and precipitation that was very much driven by various global phenomena of mixed natural and anthropogenic causes?

I came to know that the flooding is due to outburst of Chirpatiya Lake http: Uttarkashi was not the only district affected.

There has been several article voicing issues of ecologically landslidee Uttarakhand hills being turned into pilgrimage tourist spotshosting 20 million pilgrims per years almost double of its populationmanifold increase in vehicles, ongoing hill blasting for building roads and controversial damssoil erosion, unregulated construction.

Rescue operations Operation Surya Hope is in process to save the survivors of the disaster. All is surely easier said than done but the government must start thinking on these lines to utilize the best of technology and enable better disaster management techniques on larger scale.

essay on landslide in kedarnath

I completed my trek and returned to Bangalore on 3 July. The debris blocked up the rivers, causing major overflow. Riverbeds were recklessly mined for sand.

Then my thoughts turned towards what I could do: Disaster in Indian Himalayas. Given the number of people who make the pilgrimage to this site each summer, a degree of development around the temple was inevitable, although the pre-disaster images suggest that this has occurred in an entirely haphazard manner. Also, the phenomena of Kedarnath disaster is clearly linked with the disintegration kwdarnath glacial mass in Chorabari glacier for a long time, increased temperature during that particular month in Kedarnath area and the heavy rainfall together.


The roads and footpath between Gaurikund and Kedarnath were also damaged. By that time, stories of traumatizing horrifying ordeals that survivors endured were starting to come out. Retrieved 16 July This paper also talks about increase in risks of natural disaster in landslde area as a result of increasing anthropogenic activities and likely increase in such trend from pilgrimage and tourism.

Maximum precipitation occurred during the rainy season from July and August5.

Uttarakhand Landslides and Flood: a Man Made Crisis

When all else failed, youth took charge”. Also, Vasuki Tal is south-west of the Kedarnath temple, and if I remember correctly, the ih from it meets Mandakini river somewhere after the Kedarnath town.

Responsive disaster management 6. Six-hundred and eight villages, covering a population of , in 23 districts of Uttar Pradesh were affected by the flood and drought.

Roads constructed in haphazard landslde, new resorts and hotels built on fragile river and more than 70 hydroelectric projects in the watersheds of the state led to a “disaster waiting to happen” as termed by certain environmentalists. Such a variation in the altitude provides diverse landscape.

Essay on Uttarakhand floods Nature or Human have aggravated the miseries by Vijay Yadav

The natural flow paths of the channels get obstructed due to the construction of man-made structures that results in deviation of the flow from its natural course. Events Landslied of heavy continuous rain and rising water level in Bhagirathi river started flooding Uttarkashi facebook group on 16 June. The Government of India also cancelled 9 batches, or half the annual batches of the Kailash-Mansarovar Yatra, a Hindu pilgrimage.