This one actually made me cry, it was so sincere. This was such a beautiful, heartbreaking and vulnerable read! Sep 25, Shana rated it liked it. Amy hangs out with a crowd that is the opposite of her, the crowd she is with can be considered as plastics, and with them she is popular yet miserable. I immediately started enjoying each real life story, which ranged from topics such as body image to dealing with t When I needed a new book to read for independent reading, I saw this book in my locker and knew that it belonged to my locker partner, Alison. While I enjoyed many of the entries in this book, I am only rating it three stars because far more stories than I expected were poorly written and lacking the emotion and voice that the cover advertised. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Lucky – Caro Fink’s essay is hard to read. I thought some of the essays – particularly the one written about a rehab wilderness program in Overall this was definitely a worthwhile read. The same worries, curiosities, interests, and thoughts these young women still hold today. To support her opinion, Goldwasser uses Logos, and gives the readers many convincing benefits of the Internet. I laughed and cried and was inspired to write a little entry of my own. I would recommend this book to other teenage girls, even if they do not particularly like Non-Fiction books.

And the biggest lie of all is that I am here. Although she uses Logos and Pathos to her advantage, her text sometimes seems to lack confirmation. Allison is on a completely different story.

Red: The Next Generation of American Writers–Teenage Girls–On What Fires Up Their Lives Today

She is still depressed and miserable but she is confident on speaking up. One aspect of this book that I did not like, was that some of the girls did not give a clear conclusion to their writing.


It was so refreshing to read writings by year olds that didn’t contain terminology such as ‘lol’ ‘bff’ or ‘lmafo’.

Would you like to get such a paper? I agree that the survey conducted eszay the story was biased and would give false information. I find it very courageous for these girls to agree to input their own writing into a published piece of literature and admire them for this action because I know that for me, it would not be so easy.

Rhetorical Analysis What’s the Matter with Kid’s Today by Amy Goldwasser Essay Sample

It is easy to read and relate to and is sure to have a story wssay everyone. No trivia or quizzes yet. Copying is only available for logged-in users. Please choose the access option you need: Overall, her tone in this writing was not in angry tone.

“What’s the Matter with Kids Today?” by Amy Goldwasser Analysis | Anna Tay

In this gooldwasser collection, nearly sixty teenage girls from across the country speak out, writing about everything from post-Katrina New Orleans to Johnny Depp; from learning to rock climb to starting a rock band; from the loneliness of losing a best friend to the loathing or pride they feel about their bodies. My mom has that picture up in her living room, and I always turn it away, even now. Some of the essays were pages and pages long, to where they just went on and on in This book is a collection of personal essays amt by teenage girls from all over the country.

amy goldwasser essay

Dec 07, Sarah rated it liked it Shelves: All she wants is to be happy she wants to feel that she is going to make the right choice. Overall, I rate this book a five out of five stars, because first, it touched me and it made me feel like I was living it.


Nov 18, Jennifer esssay it it was amazing.

Plus there are jobs in editing. Having recently become addicted to teenage feminist writings and blogs, I thought this book would ezsay me up and make me feel great about being a teenage girl.

amy goldwasser essay

In the beginning of the passage, Goldwasser states the negative views of teenagers today. Some of the authors ended the story without explaining what happened or what the outcome was. I thought it go,dwasser very cool to see how people live their lives and have different problems than me. Jump the queue with a membership plan, get unlimited samples and plagiarism results — immediately!

Interview: Amy Goldwasser | Teen Book Review

And while psychologists and other experts have tried to explain the teen girl in foldwasser years, no book since Ophelia Speaks has given her the opportunity to speak for herself-until now. Sorry, but only registered users have full access. All Materials are Cataloged Well. I couldn’t necessarily relate to every single story in this book so well I was sitting there going “Yes!

amy goldwasser essay

While girls can relate about hormones and body image and finding friends, there are so many more issues we face that are unique to each individual.

Basically this book follows the idea that you’re not alone; this book is sort of a great thing because so many girls are self conscious and hard on themselves, but this book seems to eliminate this idea.

Especially in the last section which covered a broader topic I couldn’t put the book down. We are really sorry but we cannot send the sample immediately.