The first stage of the research involves looking carefully at the work, either as a reproduction or preferably in real life. In the story, Varjak leaves his family home and sees Outside for the first time. That said, the children have made a fantastic start to the year so far and are making lots of progress already. The form records details of the period of absence and the work that will need to be undertaken for each subject area. Cookies This site uses cookies. We are all faced with challenges in our daily lives and times when we may find it difficult to cope, so we have an experienced Counsellor available to provide a confidential service.

What does it remind you of? Most College documents can be accessed electronically via our Moodle site. What would your closest friend do? We experimented with different pencil gradings to create different tones and shades. Written record and feedback sheet done. Or you could dip into the exciting world of American literature to help prepare you for AS coursework.

Note down your first feelings and ideas about it and its surroundings. How is it put together?

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How does it relate to issues which concern you? Each student is allocated a progress tutor — tutors have a responsibility to oversee the welfare of each student and to monitor progress.

Students who have support complete an Individual Support Plan with a member of the Ohmework Support Department and this is reviewed twice yearly.

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Throughout their time at Wyke we will encourage students to work hard; we set targets for achievement and teachers and tutors will review progress and keep parents informed. There is a high level of demand in terms of both the level and the amount of reading involved: Wyke is the perfect place to gain your independence; meet new people and enjoy new situations. Medication can be stored on site please speak to Margaret Cordeaux, Learning Support Manager in the first instance about this.


Our aim at Wyke Sixth Form College is for all students to achieve their potential. Click here for more information.

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We are holding a College in Action morning on Thursday 2nd May, Immerse yourself in literature as much as you can before you start the course! Wyke Sixth Form College is wheelchair accessible with disabled parking bays close to reception. The English Literature course is taught in four lessons per week.

In cases where absences are likely to be lengthy, the College can implement an Extended Absence Plan where homewprk will be provided for the student qyke complete their courses where possible.

This is an opportunity for you to talk or write in an informed way about the chosen item, and to use an appropriate specialist vocabulary.

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New ideas will come from the findings from each shoot but can also be generated from mood boards, oblique strategies or other methods. Students will also be expected to learn a vocabulary of literary terminology that they can employ when writing about and analysing texts.

The focus of the course is on learning to recognise, interrogate and analyse the many and varied ways in which authors create meaning.

Travelling to Wyke is easy and may be cheaper than you think!

wyke start homework

Cookies This site uses cookies. Students are of course encouraged to broaden and enrich their experience of reading whilst on the course, so we provide wider reading lists and suggestions for all students. The campus has an onsite drop off and pickup zone located next to the main building. The number of unreported absences per week. Use your spare time to watch films or TV dramatizations of literary works. We are all faced with challenges in our daily lives and times when we may find it difficult to cope, so we have an experienced Counsellor available to provide a confidential service.

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Aim to familiarise yourself with a range of writing from all three genres: Some groups will have one teacher per group and some will have two teachers responsible for discrete elements of the course.

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Learning Mentors, MIS and Exams staff work closely together to provide a guidance service which is available during College timetable hours. I have told the children that he would love to take a look at their wonderful writing, which, needless to say, is suddenly encouraging them to put that little bit more effort into their work!

Examine the visual and tactile elements, colour, pattern, texture, composition, shape, form, line, space, tone and their relationship to each other. The electronic register system is used to monitor attendance and personal tutors monitor attendance so that any absences can be promptly followed up. The phrase will be a starting point but you can react to it in many ways, it could affect the way that you approach your photography and subject matter or it may lead you down a path of lateral thought that will inspire.

Review of summer work with discussions about ideas and direction of the project. Click here to find out more.