Students get all necessary information through the International Training Center or the programme coordinator s on:. Only news or info with a clear and concrete link to Ghent University is considered. If you apply for the Doctoral School diploma, keep the proof. Should this not be the case, you can collect the documents at the Registrar’s Office. The Faculty Student Administration draws up the diploma supplement and, if applicable, the certificate supplement. This consists of two parts: The slides are programmed in the secondary font Arial , because they are often shared outside of Ghent University.

You can find them in one zip file with the Dutch and English templates. See also digital templates in Word and PowerPoint to print. If a compulsory doctoral training programme was required at the start of your doctoral research, the Faculty Board will examine whether you have completed the programme successfully in a timely manner based on the advice of the Doctoral School. To defend your PhD dissertation, take the following steps: The end point is marked by the public defense of your doctoral dissertation or doctoral exam. Academic Club room A1. Download e-mail signature – Universiteit Gent Campus Kortrijk.

Digital Handy templates for your digital communication in the corporate design of Ghent University.

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All video fragments are available in English or Dutch: Dare to Think 8. Problems concerning the availability of the student or concerning the availability of and the guidance by the tutor s or promoter s can be reported to the ombudsperson. The end point is marked by the public defense of your doctoral dissertation or doctoral exam. Check any possible changes Make sure you didn’t make any unreported changes during your PhD track.


For more programme specific information of the master dissertation: Academic Club room A1. Home Research Doctoral research Enrolment doctorate Ph.

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UGent Panno Text Medium 70 pt for icon on 50 pixels: Procedure in general all Faculties You submit your dissertation to the Faculty Board in the required number of copies, together with the advice of the Doctoral Guidance Committee or the PhD supervisor. The Registrar’s Office draws up the diploma and the certificate of the doctoral training programme. This takes no longer than 3 working days. In agreement with the jury members and at least 48 hours prior to your public defense, give a copy to each member of the exam committee, unless they have decided differently.

Doctoral defense — Ghent University

This advice includes a clause regarding the status of research results with a potential for valorisation. This committee evaluates the quality of the dissertation and decides whether you can be admitted to the public defense, possibly after rhesis changes to your dissertation. Reserve gowns for the jury members Contact Hilde.

For your public defense, you will need to print public hard copies of your dissertation to hand out to the Faculty Student Administration, the exam committee and the audience. One week before the internal defense, the Faculty Student Administration will send you the reports of the jury members. This should take place between 30 and 90 days after submission of the doctoral dissertation.

Submitting your doctoral dissertation to your Faculty The timing and the procedure for submitting your dissertation can differ from Faculty fbe Faculty, please check the Faculty’s website for this.


This consists of two parts:.

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Prepare your internal defense based on the review reports The internal defense max. Your defense will take minimum 1 and maximum 2 hours. See also digital tesis in Word and PowerPoint to print. The student is entitled to get the necessary supervision and guidance, by means of a number of counselling talks during which all aspects of the work can be discussed.

Language and terminology Tthesis master dissertation and the internship need to be strictly separated in time and subject.

thesis fbw ugent

Choose between a ‘corporate’ version The e-mail signature is programmed in the secondary font Arialbecause the primary font UGent Panno Text does not work in e-mail software outside of Ghent University. Requirements to apply Assembly of the exam committee Date suggestions for the internal and public defense if dates are mentioned on the submission form, a chairman has to tbesis appointed Send this form and your cv in pdf to doctoraten.

thesis fbw ugent

No admission to the public defense. If you apply for the Doctoral School diploma, keep the proof.

Use the slide division to select the different types of slides. Master’s dissertations submitted beyond the due date for a given examination period, cannot be defended in that examination period anymore.