Instead of Just leaving the problem alone, he asks a Pakistani if he could translate what the police officer to them. His identity is developed u to these circumstances and environments he finds himself in. Get custom essay sample written according to your requirements Urgent 3h delivery guaranteed Order Now. After the leaving Of the Russians, civil wars began between various tribes. The customs, ways of life and traditions in Australia, are totally different to what Ninja experienced while living in Afghanistan. Afghanistan is a place that is constantly at war and involved in conflict.

Whether we are the victims, seeing things from our own perspective, or merely a bystander to it all, we can all appreciate the lessons that we learn from our encounters and understand what is important. How about getting full access immediately? Ninja managed to escaped the Taliban and this is where he had to make the decision Of leaving Afghanistan and his family behind to flee. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Gorg Ali was a constant source of solace and guidance and after his death Najaf finds it difficult to work, live and breathe. Being Hazard meant conflict was unavoidable with the Taliban. Najaf is drastically shaped by the ongoing war in his home country, Afghanistan but his willpower to still have hope, humility and faith no matter what obstacles came his way played a key factor in what makes Najaf a one of a kind individual.

As a token of his freedom he releases the canaries and empties the fish into the water.

The Rugmaker of Mazar-e-Sharif Themes

The power void in Afghanistan continued tribal conflict which allowed the rise of the Taliban regime with their extreme politics, The Taliban banned many things which were originally a normality for the hazard people. How about make it original? Search the forums now! From having just the necessities in Afghanistan and barely affording much else to slowly building a brighter, more stable future for his family and for himself, Najaf could have become arrogant and self-aggrandising but instead Najaf stayed humble and showed an act mazar-e-shaeif humility by spreading his good fortune and founding the Mazar Development Fund which helps build schools to educate children and buy ambulances.


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Ninja provides an insight to how asylum seekers feel when they enter Australia. Please login or register. Ninja explains the conflict between the two as a battle for power and that neither had their best interests for the country. Afghanistan is a place that is constantly at war and involved in conflict. Gorg Tje was a constant source of solace and guidance and after his death Najaf finds it difficult to work, live and breathe.

His family believe that immigrating, even as an illegal, is his best chance of survival. He is so accustomed to being threatened that he inanely worries that the Australian authorities have been fed misinformation.

For this reason, the family chose him as the most likely person to survive the perilous journey to Australia.

The Rugmaker of Mazar-E-Sharif Conflict

Ninja explains that although the country is divided within itself, its people will unite to fight against a common enemy yet will still remain divided, Inthe Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan to take over its communist regime in with Afghanistan suffered terribly. The text also captures the long-lasting emotional trauma that accompanies these violent events. My resources on this website are for general rugmamer only.

Written by James Epithetic.

This is an important ruugmaker to have, for it can lead to empathy which can then lead to wisdom. Ninja has held onto his strong work ethic, he had in Afghanistan due to poverty, as evident through this.

As he enters Australia, he becomes unsure and upset about the loss of his homeland. You can get this essay on your email Topic: The fact that he adhered to his choices and prioritized his happiness and personal rgumaker reveals much about his courage and confidence. In times of war, there are many victims of conflict, most of which Mazari had encountered on several occassions.


The Rugmaker of Mazar-E-Sharif Essay Example for Free – Sample words

The basis of the novel represents society and especially Australia, when considering humanity towards asylum seekers and protecting the countries boarders especially with the September 1 1 attacks regarding terrorism. His religion, like most religions, teaches him who to live a worthy fife.

the rugmaker of mazar-e-sharif conflict essay

From having hope, faith, being religious to never becoming conceited or supercilious but humble shows that traits like these make for a truly extraordinary man. Gorg Ali and Rosal Ali are killed. In ,JOhn Howard and his party were deemed inhumane and unsympathetic towards asylum seekers by sending them to detention centers on tge including whomever mentioned in the novel. In the Karate Kid, Jake chooses to compete in Karate, a Chinese sport, but e still holds his love for American food strong in himself.

While these feelings subside when Najaf is finally cured, other key rumgaker show that single events have lifelong ramifications. His ability to constantly withstand one crisis after another renews his mazar-e-sharf in God and reinforces his optimistic outlook on life. Najaf knows that the conflict will be drawn out and that there is little prospect of peace.

Many human rights activists believe that this policy contravenes fundamental human rights.

the rugmaker of mazar-e-sharif conflict essay

Too many times when a human being such as Najaf may give up and surrender, he picks himself up and uses all the fibre in himself to not forfeit the life challenges he faces. I can relate this text to a film I have seen recently, The Karate Kid. Gamely members Of Ninjas family die innocently due to the war.