Careful budgeting, motivation and discipline are very important attributes of successful investors. As a result they are wrestling with some tough decisions. Know your borrowing capacity Obtain an estimate of your borrowing capacity and monthly repayments. Ann is an unwitting member of one of the fastest growing groups: Clearly, having a plan to repay credit card debt as quickly as possible is the best option…. This could influence your ability to be approved for a home loan in the future!

Stamp duty is a state government tax on the transfer of land or sale of property. Why should you have this? Some useful tips are: Creating a budget and deciding how much needs to be allocated to savings can change the way you view the money you have available to spend. Therefore if you have significant credit card limits that are not being used you could be detrimentally impacting your borrowing capacity.

Obtain an estimate of your borrowing capacity and monthly repayments. MOST importantly, cut up your old card s so you are not tempted to rack up even more debt while paying down the original debt!

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Set incremental savings goals… Decide some savings goals that are both short and long term. Before you take the leap into property you should have done your homework and created a budget, minimised credit card usage, been saving hard, paid your bills on time and researched the property market.

Well, that honour goes to their two-year-old son, Aiden. Yelstra employee monitoring is counter-productive Ian Whitworth Scene Change co-founder. It also raises the question: To ensure a credit card balance transfer works for YOU it is essential to know the terms and conditions of the card AND to be disciplined with repayments. We can calculate how much you could afford to borrow to invest or explain how to use $153 home equity to allow you to get ahead financially with limited risk.


You plab need formal approval of the loan to proceed to a sale.

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Each property the couple has purchased has sshare through leveraging off the property before, scrupulous saving, and the trusted lending advice of Indigo Finance. Importantly, interest free cards will also reduce your borrowing power. Rather than using your ordinary income that could otherwise be used to pay down non-deductible debt you could use the equity in your first property to apply for a line of credit. Good luck with your savings goals this year. As your finance specialist we can assist you to find finance and a loan structure suitable for your particular situation.

Also consider other costs such as: Reduce the limit of your cards to the minimum practical amount for your personal situation.

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Lower income earners are often the ones who knuckle down and save. While there bussiness obvious costs to society of care and disability support, an often less talked about effect is the possible financial ramifications for both the dementia patient and their family. We often meet people who are hooked on the good life: Lower income earners can often have a more realistic view of investment risk. Even though many cards are interest free the lender will assume a monthly commitment against the limit of the card generally at approximately 2.


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Beware of the costs! Try to use cash and NOT credit cards. First home buyers FHBs often find themselves dealing with financial and legal processes outside their experience to date. Developing achievable saving and spending habits will see you more ready to combat businwss any impulse spending you may have.

What can you do?

We can help you look at property investment options suitable for your own financial situation now and in the future.

Stamp duty Stamp duty is a state government tax on the transfer of land or sale of property. If possible set sufficient auto repayments each pay day that will clear the debt before that date.

The selling costs shwre property may include: The summer holiday season may leave many of us with a warm glow from indulging our loved ones and perhaps even enjoying a relaxing summer holiday? Sarah eventually retrained as a nurse, married and recently moved to an area nearby. This is commonly known as negative gearing.

Seek advice from a finance specialist.