Bachelor of Arts in English: Extensions cannot exceed one year. Following the posting of grades, students who attain a 3. Changing from one graduate degree program to another or from one credential program to another is a serious decision that should be given thoughtful consideration. Before beginning any research with humans, vertebrate animals, or biological specimens e. Detailed explanations of each requirement are included in this section of the Bulletin. Attendance The instructor may consider regular attendance when assigning grades, and the requirement must be stated in writing as part of the course requirements.

The Level I requirement must be met prior to admission, or no later than the first year of enrollment. See department handbooks for requirements. Students who, within the first year of attendance, do not meet the writing competency conditions stated in the admission letter are subject to declassification from the degree program. International Business Toggle International Business. Winners receive cash awards.

Graduate Academic Policies and Procedures

The following chart provides examples of the dates of expiration of the work specified on the ATC for the recommended five-year completion time with the maximum extension to the seven-year limitation:. Concentration in Print and Online Journalism. Graduate Academic Policies and Procedures Election of Bulletin Requirements A graduate student must meet thrsis department curriculum requirements published in the University Bulletin in the semester the student was admitted and enrolled.

No lower division course work is allowed on the ATC.


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The comprehensive examination is a written examination that is prepared and administered by the major department so students can demonstrate their ability to integrate the content knowledge, independent thinking, and critical analysis, and, as may be appropriate, the accuracy of documentation. Concentration in Mathematics for Advanced Study. If the instructor and the student can work out an agreement, a petition for a grade change can be submitted.

Concentration in Marine Biology and Limnology.

The student becomes subject to academic probation while on administrative probation. Students reinstated after disqualification will not be allowed to enroll in classes for the following semester until grades have been posted.

Decision Sciences Toggle Decision Sciences. Use this list to check your progress. Good Standing Students must maintain a semester and cumulative grade point average of 3. If human or animal research is ghesis, students may submit one set of the research protocol documents but must list all participating students on the Protocol Approval Form. Physics and Cheecklist Toggle Physics and Astronomy. Culminating Experience Proposal Form. Arts — 3 units C2: Only current graduate students who have a cumulative 3.

Electronic, copied, and scanned signatures are not accepted.

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Enroll in the Culminating Experience Continuous Enrollment course under your college name: As a consequence of a leave of absence, it is expected that a student will improve their ability to complete the graduate degree program. A graduate degree, credential, or certificate student may be placed on administrative probation by the Board check,ist Appeals and Review or dean of Graduate Studies for any of the following reasons:.


Concentration in Cell and Molecular Biology. Physics and Astronomy Toggle Sfu and Astronomy. Upon completion, the Culminating Experience course grade should be changed to CR or letter grade. Concentration in Studio Art.

Students are responsible for checking requirements with their graduate coordinator or department chair. Before beginning any research with humans, vertebrate animals, or biological specimens e.

sfsu thesis checklist

Thesis and dissertation formatting must be reviewed by the Division of Graduate Studies in advance of the deadline so any adjustments in formatting can be made by the final date of submission for the graduating term. For further information, contact the Division of Graduate Studies office.

IC grades are not permitted on the ATC. Concentration in English Education.

sfsu thesis checklist

Should theesis arise beyond this point, the University dean of students or designee may be consulted for advice. Typical Level I written requirements may include a 4. Students should contact the department or college in which the class was offered for a copy of the formal grade appeal process that is conducted at the college level.