These courses may be taken from other colleges or universities as long as the college residency requirement and the hour rule are satisfied. All students pursuing entrance into the M. Once you have established what has already been said on your topic, you can then say what contribution your thesis makes to this broader exchange. The following guidance should be kept in mind when completing your thesis: Select one additional Humanities course from the following: Finance Student-managed investment funds.

Send Page to Printer. Honors Council Representative All students are assigned a faculty member from the Fulbright Honors Council who serves as the fourth and final committee member. Formal application for the degree should be made to the Registrar. William Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences provides a comprehensive program of honors studies. As part of these requirements the student must choose a major, but the choice of a major has no direct bearing upon admission to medical school and should reflect the particular interests of the student. A living community for business students.

Designed to honor, preserve and perpetuate the names and outstanding accomplishments of business leaders who have brought lasting fame to Arkansas.

This may be taken in Thesiis or February. Recognizing that its students must become productive members of contemporary American society, Fulbright College offers undergraduate majors in fields ranging from chemistry and art to journalism, physics, social work and psychology.

In your defense, you should be prepared to explain your argument and should be ready to take questions that relate to your thesis or are expansions on something within your thesis.

Thesis Committee

Requiring a minimum length of 50 pages will ensure that you approach your thesis with the necessary research depth and expertise thsis warrant Honors designation; suggesting that you cover no more than pages will teach you to write efficiently and make your argument in an effective and succinct manner if you would otherwise go beyond this.


Requirements for graduating with honors: At least one class from Area 5 is required, although not necessarily at the Honors level. Prominent business leaders who actively support the Dean in advancing the mission and vision of the Sam M. Each college or school has its own set of deadlines and specific guidelines; contact thesjs honors program director in your college for more information.

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Fulbright College also recognizes all official minors offered by sister colleges at the University of Arkansas. Student Organizations There are many general-interest societies and organizations to which students may belong, and nearly every department of the university maintains an honor society through which high scholarship is rewarded. No more than 3 hours of required colloquia may be earned either abroad or in an intersession. Students intending to obtain licensure in Mathematics or the Sciences may either pursue the requirements for Fulbright College students seeking entrance into and certification through the M.

All students pursuing entrance into the M. Nine hours selected from two different areas. Seek out faculty members whose work interests you and ask them about current research in your field of interest.

Entrance requirements for pharmacy schools vary; therefore, students should research uarrk schools of their choice to determine thessis prerequisite course work. Cooperative Education offers advantages to students needing assistance in financing their education, and it offers the college a tangible way to demonstrate our conviction that although we do not stress vocational or professional training per se, there is nothing inimical between a liberal arts education and the world of work.


senior thesis uark

While there is no prescribed pre-law curriculum, Fulbright College offers a minor in legal studies administered through the department of political science. Argument is not just opinion.

The Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences offers comprehensive support for students pursuing a wide array of professional and graduate programs. The minimum requirements for admission to most dental schools can be met at the University of Arkansas by completing the following courses: Accounting We develop outstanding students and faculty who meaningfully impact the global accounting community.

Requirements for the College Honors Program: Each candidate for the B.

senior thesis uark

Where have their arguments conflicted or differed? In the discipline of International Studies, citations can be given parenthetically in-text or in footnotes. The college has two major teaching functions: Resources and Opportunities for Walton Students We’re here to help.

senior thesis uark

Will your research require travel to an archive or laboratory? Additional Majors Students fulfilling all requirements for the B.

Honors Thesis & Defense

The International Studies Thesis Defense: Freshman- and sophomore-level students, including departmental honors students, are advised in the Fulbright College Advising Center in Old Main Generally speaking, if your thesis topic is following a more social science approach, drawing primarily from the methodologies of political science, sociology, or a related social science discipline, parenthetical citation is more appropriate.

Each department has determined its own procedures for certifying completion of this requirement. The Bachelor of Arts B.