The YSEALI Academic Fellowship is a prestigious learning experience that involves a chance to travel in the United States to interact with Americans and to understand how environmental issues are dealt with. America, the Land of Opportunity. You will need to write about yourself in brief, your current or future project, and what you expect to gain by joining this program that can be beneficial for your yourself and your community. How do you expect this experience to affect your future academic and professional career? My first solo trip:

They liked my answer and told me that I am the principal candidate to the program. Stay tuned for more news related to this program by always checking our facebook page and blog. Heather Variava from the Consulate General U. To begin with, I was very fortunate to participate in the abovementioned program, that took place on Mar Apr 18, hosted by the esteemed East-West Center. The youngest is 18 years old and we have 2 participants who are 26 years old, but were 25 at the time of applying. So, what to prepare in order to be selected into this program? With the ever increasing rate of environmental degradation and coastal development, more action will need to be taken to protect the precious maritime areas.

In short, the fellowship is an intensive 5 weeks course in which young leaders in Southeast Asia will reside in the United States.

I dtatement this article will be useful for you and inspire you to participate in the similar fellowship or anything relevant. When I was cleaning up my bedroom in the morning, suddenly someone called me.

America, the Land of Opportunity

Over the past few years, I statemsnt endeavored in numerous exciting experiences to fulfill my passion towards the environment, particularly the ocean. Ikuti Indonesia Mengglobal di Facebook, Twitter dan mailing list kami untuk mendapatkan info terbaru tentang aplikasi dan beasiswa sekolah di luar negeri. You must spend some time to think about it because later on, you will need to write a short personal statement based on area that you have chosen.


You are commenting using your WordPress. Candidates Personal Statement Limit words. To begin with, I was very fortunate to participate in the abovementioned program, that took place on Mar Persomal 18, hosted by the esteemed East-West Center. Nowadays, KGLC has several partners from the government sector: I envision an organization that will be able to generate its own income by selling eco-friendly products, implementing a volunteer-tourism program and by leveraging CSR partnerships.

I was selected to join this program with four awesome Indonesian young leaders: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Five Steps to Apply to YSEALI Academic Fellowship

Thanks to Firdaus and his team, the participants of the program were automatically registered to the membership subscription of the YSEALI network.

Show to the interview that you have high passion to join the program by speaking with no hesitation and fluently.

Unlocking the Untapped Potential of Indonesia through Fintech. KGLC has three focuses, which are library service, non-formal education, and youth empowerment.

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Discuss how your participation would enhance your personal and professional goals and its impact to your home country, or institution. To give you a reference on writing a good personal statement, you can see on mine attached in this article. If your activities involve community engagement, you can apply for Civic Engagement, but if your works are related to environmental protection, you may be eligible to apply for Environment.


The letter content must explain about your academic record and your social work.

Concluding notes for the awesome 5 weeks trip. All the hard works are paid off. This was when the 8 of us went to hike the Moanalua mountain ridge – and got statmeent I am Zulkhaedir Purwanto. You must demonstrate a strong interest for environmental conservation to participate in the program, though there are participants that major in other fields such as business, entrepreneurship, marketing that did the cut into the program.

This program has impacted my life greatly and helped to develop myself personally and professionally. There is no limitation for the number of the letters you ysdali submit, but please bear in mind that quality over quantity.

personal statement yseali

I informed her by phone and she was very happy. The host institute will organise various learning experience, visits, activities and opportunities to enhance yaeali on the selected themes from 1 Civic Engagement, 2 Environmental Issues, and 3 Social Entrepreneurship and Economic Development. Nov 3, Shortlisted notification to attend an interview at syatement embassy. One of the requested documents is to submit letter of recommendation from someone that know you and your activities really well.

Besides that, the participants will also get the opportunity to do study tours, interact with local communities, and present a future project in front of policymakers and government representatives at the end of the program in Washington D.

personal statement yseali

Nominee’s Full Name, as it appears on your passport Full Name: New Orleans Pelican in Oakland.