Also talk about why you want to attend a certain program. During my career, I have read hundreds of personal statements. Very few applicants have a perfect ERAS application. The physicians and therapists I met there played a role in encouraging me to apply to medical school. Do not use your statements to discuss a negative situation.

The Medfools Personal Statement Library is now open! Rather discuss why you want go into your medical specialty. Plus he was a team player that never complained. I had accomplished neither. It showed me that every day in medicine is a school day because there is always something new to be learned no matter how much experience you have. It is very important NOT to make these critical mistakes for your personal statement.

June 21, at 2: If you have to discuss a negative situation, however, make sure you address how it impacted you and made you a better person. We’re hoping to add more in the future, including Pre-Med personal statements.

How To Write Your Residency Personal Statement (And a copy of mine!) | Kitty Katz, MD

Learn about the programs that you are applying to in your medical specialty before you apply. There are other factors that I will talk about on future blogs that can help.

Your personal statement residenfy your first impression for each residency program that you are applying to join. Most senior athletes were complimented on either a winning season or a season of hard work. Just remember what job you are applying for.

personal statement for pm&r residency

Personao sample personal statements are here for your viewing pleasure fully anonymous. When you applied to medical school you were expected to draw on past experiences that made you want to be a residfncy. Also talk about why you want to attend a certain program. He was one of our best residents. During my first two years of medical school I was able to work with three different Physiatrists introduced me to a field where I witnessed the long-term relationships that developed between doctor and patient, as well as the opportunity to be the leader of a rehabilitation team.


Make your personal statement one page. Are you applying for orthopedics or pediatrics? Walking into her room I immediately noticed her multiple family members at her bedside.

Red Flags of Residency Personal Statements

If you’ve got one to add to the free library, don’t forget to contribute yours. After two months of medical management my patient was stable enough to fly and continue treatment at home. I had to communicate complex concepts that I intrinsically understood to individuals who saw it as alien. Free Shipping on Medical Books!!

As far as my goals after residency, I would like to continue my education with fellowship training in either musculoskeletal or sports stxtement.

Being a safe physician is a top priority of mine as well. I took it upon myself to research the biochemical mechanism of her disease process and was happy to see that even my experienced attending physician was interested in learning about the disease pathophysiology. Oh, and also a copy of mine. About eight years ago, I volunteered for the residency selection committee for the first time. The ease with which I work with all types of people has always been one of the areas where I have been complemented most by others.


Flora Kisuule, MD and 2 others. I discussed my assessment and plan with my patient and her family while they peppered me with questions about her case.

personal statement for pm&r residency

You are applying for residency- fod medical school or a fellowship When you applied to medical school you were expected to draw on past experiences that made you want to be a doctor. Then tie those attributes back into the backbone of your story to build the rest of your skeleton.

Subscribe Enter your e-mail address to receive notifications when new posts go up! I worked in the Transitional Care Unit leading activities including wheelchair aerobics, art therapy and pet therapy. It can be exhausting and not worth the effort to do it for every single program. persnal

Red Flags of Residency Personal Statements

It was exciting to explore such a seemingly unrelated constellation of symptoms and it is one of the reasons why I enjoy the prospect of internal medicine. I had accomplished neither.

personal statement for pm&r residency

I am able to communicate in a clear and concise fashion with laypersons and medical professionals alike.