Registration to participate as exhibitors in Kre8tif! Meanwhile, the experienced user will gain the confidence through the understanding of common similarities. Business Intelligence A very common mistake many studios make is that they judge their content purely based on how many eyeballs they attract. He is an active committee member of TASI: Chief Executive Officer Lotta Animation. Now he is building a new entertainment company, Dalgona, incorporating knowledge from his long career.

Many children struggle to find their next passion in the face of overwhelming choice. Creative Director Mirayi Animation Studio. End of class, the users are able to continue learning on their own. Following that, she produced P. Chief Executive Officer Vision Animation. Experience sharing by local studios Track 1: She then moved on to producing interactive shows for ntv7 before settling into a role as a content developer for Primeworks Studios.

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This topic will also examine industry trends in cloud and highlight case studies which show the business value of cloud rendering as well as take an in-depth look at Zync Render, Google’s turnkey software as a service rendering platform which mdc the major 3d animation packages and renderers in the VFX industry. Get Your Tickets Now! Jim Chan has more than 13 years of experience in doing 3D animation series, films, games and CG production.

mdec business plan competition 2014

Success Thanks for contacting us, we will get back to you shortly. Business Xchange is divided into 2 sessions: TV digital platform offers a linear streaming channel, video on demand, plus social and interactive educational features.

It is widely used in animation and production house globally. With more than 15 years in the animation sector, he has occupied several positions beginning as a surfacing and lighting artist, up to Supervising the VFX for Feature Films and Line Producing CGI for films such as: Conference Schedule Day 2: Malaysia Event Conference Asia.


Most television or the increasingly popular web-based animated shows are done in 2D and they certainly have large audiences. Kromosom Lab Free admission 9.

Meanwhile, the experienced user will gain the confidence through the understanding of common similarities. He has wide experience in product development, driving sales, sourcing, competjtion distribution and retail setup.

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The seven finalists were judged by both internal and external judges. How Merchandising Can Make or Break Animated Hits New entertainment properties come and go so quickly, it can be impossible to capitalise on them by getting merchandise on the shelves, before the craze is over, but first, how do you create good merchandise?

It is also aimed at promoting local animation icons. Microsoft Imagine Cup Microsoft Inc.

He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in business. Putting the Customer First with Intelligent Automation businness The session also explores different mediums, such as cutout, pixillation, puppets, clay, ink on paper etc and why one is chosen over the next to tell the story better.

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Jones-Quartey was raised on a steady diet of cartoons and video games and has built a connected world of original heroes across the TV and gaming landscape. Bring your own laptop Conducted by Robust Free admission.


mdec business plan competition 2014

You are probably in a continuous content creation cycle. An introduction of how licensing works and an overview of the S. Base FX was launched in February Azarul has more than 10 years of consulting experience with Multinational Companies including Accenture and Oracle. Contemporary IP Development in a Digitally Disrupted Environment This session covers the practical steps involved in pitching to development executives in this age of a fragmented media scape and digital disruption.

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Registration is now closed. K and truTV, while leading the development of branded content, and driving the creative solutions for sponsorships and promotions in the region. Shorts Screening is a showcase of the year’s best works from students and professionals from all over the world. Zeno is responsible for providing business leadership, structuring international co-productions and investment activities.

This is not an ordinary run event as it is catered to pop culture fans and health enthusiasts alike to enjoy a scenic run whilst showing off their best costumes and having a wonderfully rewarding time with friends and family. Xhibition Registration is closed. Animamundi Introduction to Blender by Kromosom Lab The Introduction to Blender training is designed to cater for both the first time and experienced kdec of 3D software.