It is important to write about your experiences participating in a school project or society, working in a hotel, volunteering, playing an instrument, … and what you learnt from these experiences leadership and organizational skills, human values, creativity, …. It is also good to know that one of the main parts of the selection day see below , the interview, will be based on what you explain in your essay. Other higher secondary education credentials may be accepted at our discretion. Are you fit for EHL? They also offer information sessions, evaluations and guidance during our open days on campus in Switzerland and in our regional offices worldwide. We have a dedicated Admissions Team who can assist candidates to choose a program and prepare an application.

Contact Form Have queries for this product, fill out this form, and we will get back to you within 24 hours. The first documents are transcripts of your last three years of secondary education and your secondary school diploma if you have not yet received your diploma, you can still apply to EHL for a conditional acceptance. In I moved to the UK. So, be sure to listen to your teammates and also to share your ideas to show that you are a good team worker. Please contact the admissions office for further details. This test will be computer-based; that is why we will ask you to bring your own laptop. They will ask you to click on a link, which leads to a webpage where you will be able to record your online interview.

We will ask you to tell us about your experience and your expectations.


Instead of saying “I believe you need to be the sort of person who is committed to performing their best at all times,” you could simply make the strong statement admisson “I am a person committed to performing my best at all times” and THEN give a GREAT example about when you’ve committed to doing so.


For Direct Entry candidates: Here are a few of the qualities we seek:. By continuing to browse this website, you are agreeing to our privacy policy and the use of cookies cookies.

ehl admission essay

Hope you can review it. Unfortunately, you don’t really inform the reviewer about these information save for some highly vague references within the essay.

Please contact the admissions office for further details. Before getting accepted to EHL, you and your application will have to pass three phases. I have included this essay to demonstrate the time that was taken to complete the application as well as my reasons for wanting to enter the exciting world of hospitality. Instead, you should either replace “their” with “his or her” OR revise the sentence fully to avoid that kind of clunky phrasing.

Application Guide for the Bachelor Program

We have got excellent cultural diversity on our campus. It has created and inspired a unique professional community of over 25, hospitality managers in the last years.

Forbes recently published a list of best colleges for each state in U. Notify me of new comments via email. Following the selection day, your complete candidature will be evaluated by the Admissions Committee.

Through my art studies and various sales jobs, I feel I have developed this commercial and entrepreneurial skill that is essential in the service industry. They share a love for working with people, travel and cultural exchanges, challenging projects and endless opportunities.

EHL | Admissions to Bachelor

We advise you to attend one of our selection days in Lausanne. I have a diverse international background, having lived at various times in the US, France and the UK though never for long in Belgium, my birthplace. This short essay is your opportunity to sell yourself.

Please address with some specificity your own wishes and how they relate to EHL. For years it has amassed a loyal following of 7, industry leaders that swear by it, and alumni from more than countries!


Basically, your essay mis-addresses the prompt so it doesn’t help the reviewer get to know you based upon the information that he needs. Application deadlines for selection days abroad. Recently, I have also started taking German conversation classes,” you could write something along the lines of “I HAVE the right qualities to succeed.

Our Admissions Team At EHL, we seek to enroll students who have the academic skills, personal qualities and interpersonal skills to be successful leaders and entrepreneurs in the hospitality and service industries.

EHL Admissions

Instead of writing “I believe that I have the right qualities to succeed at EHL essya in hospitality because I have excellent communication skills not only in English but in French as well. You should add your name and the topic you have chosen at the top of the first page.

ehl admission essay

The average age on campus hovers in the millennial to Gen Z group, these generations that are growing up with constant change. South America – Bachillerato: It is an opportunity for you to showcase your strengths, motivation and interests.

An example is when you write, “I believe you need to be the sort of person who is committed to performing their best at all times. Our students worked hard to get here and they admiasion a deep commitment to working diligently and creatively to achieve their academic and professional goals.

I hold dual Belgian and Maltese nationality.

ehl admission essay

Contact Admissions Chat with our students. They must develop a flair for the current trends and generate original and unprecedented designs so as to make their brand the trendiest and most unique of all existing brands.