Archived from the original on 8 August And don’t be surprised if your taxes end up lining the pockets of corrupt politicians like in Brazil. Where will Argentina be left then? The truth is that the Falklands air defence could wipe out these bombers in minutes should they ever get close to attacking the Falklands. Despite hopes that government representatives would deal directly with the creditors, reported the Wall Street Journal , Kicillof said before the meeting that his delegation would not meet with them, but only with Pollack.

Taiano was also investigating the airline’s president, Mariano Recalde, saying that the two men had practiced systematic misappropriation. Argentina is certainly no as bad as Venezuela, but certainly is a disaster that will get far worse before making a recovery. Follow us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Get our news on your inbox! Has cordial relations with Brazil and strained relations with Russia as befits a country that invaded and annex a neighbour’s territory. Perhaps he should stay there.

Outrageous false claims of Argentina is conducting some sort of disruption and blockade of the Malvinas illegal inhabitants as well as being rightful subjects of Argentina testifies to the promotion axl unwanted confrontation to hinder the eventual repatriation of the Malvinas to its rightful motherland.

Always on the wrong side of history.

Commenting for this story is now closed. It would only take the main card providers to refuse to cash non-swift payments and all your non-BRICS tourists will dry up. No mention of argieland.

And don’t be surprised if you are unable to articulate any criticism of your government like they are unable to in China. He speaks English and French fluently. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


They can’t be used to defend Argentina, fighter aircraft would be far more suitable, and unless Argentina is thinking of bombing its neighbours for fun I can’t see any situation where they could be used. Earlier, Kicillof taught economics in the masters and doctoral programs for Political Economics with the Argentinian Economy, specializing in two subjects, the History of Economic Thought and Microeconomics and Macroeconomics, Fundamental Concepts of the Political Economy.

curriculum vitae axel kicillof

Venezuela is in recession. I found the TASS article. Cheaters will always cheat, it’s just a question of time.

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You really have a twisted view of the world. At university, he was a prominent student leader. It was the largest expropriation in Argentina’s history. The EU and the IMF may eventually help out Greece, but it’s doubtful until it’s stubborn politicians guarantee major concessions.

Axel Kicillof

Inhe was a consultant to the consulting firm M-Unit. Viae Commons has media related to Axel Kicillof. This page was last edited on 25 Decemberat The point is this mischief is that Argentina is in a propaganda campaign to give the false impression that they are rebuilding the glory and pride of the national patrimony in order to deflect growing unhappiness with the declining economy.

Growth is coming from Latin America, but not from Mercosur. In the Jane’s Fighting Ships Registry News there is a brief article about advanced negotiations for the kicollof transfer in of the INS Viraat Centaur-class aircraft carrier currently in service with the Zxel Navy. And you still will NOT get your thieving paws on the Falklands.


I think even many Argentines are going to doubt these stories. Aircraft carriers, strategic heavy bombers, stovl aircraft, all high end price and complexity kit. Forget FBW – they won’t even be able to do kkcillof hard reset. Assuming this sale goes ahead of which I know we’re all skeptical given Argentina’s track record of claiming to buy all kinds of military hardware the would be far more danger to Argentina’s neighbours than to the Falklands, as the Falklands are very well defended.

We shouldn’t laugh at you, its not asel to laugh at the afflicted. A match made in heaven, or was it hell! So what is the point in Argentina buying them? Authorities of the Argentine government mentioned that the curriculhm was a part in re upgrading their navy and mentioned that the vessel had been recently completely upgraded and refitted in Well I wasn’t and this article confirms it.

curriculum vitae axel kicillof

Not even the Russians are daft enough to sell top drawer equipment to a country so corrupt the planes wouldn’t have been landed for 5 minutes before someone was knocking on the door of the US Embassy with the Tech Spec Manuals under their coat and dollar signs in their eyes. After that, on November kicillkf,Kicillof officially became Minister of Economy.