At university, you need to show your understanding of the existing body of knowledge in your subject. In order to allow the University to properly consider your case, a note or letter from a GP or other doctor would include: Adidas launches gaming platform powered by social media starring Lionel Messi. If this happens to you, you must submit a Mitigating Circumstances Form to your School see section Participation and feedback from students are central to effective quality assurance of the programmes and Staff Student Liaison Committee is a key forum for student engagement in the Institute for the Environment. Adidas started to understand about what to do with the new communication type and started to recognise what is the best approach to make it effective for the company.

The default action is to set aside the original attempt and offer another opportunity at the assessment SR4. Justified conclusions Here, students will be assessed on the quality of their conclusions. Help Center Find new research papers in: We are also joined by Prof. Such a decision made by the Chair must be reported, as usual, to the Mitigating Circumstances Panel and to the Board of Examiners. Grade F Work that is unacceptable.

This degrades the quality of YOUR OWN work, and will be reflected in the assessment grade and likely to be noted in the feedback sheets. Such proposals should include the preparation of documentation for consideration, including amendments to programme specifications. The approach for Adidas Group to learn the knowledge creation and transfer subkission started with company systematic platform to facilitate and support knowledge exchange.

Quality of presentation ie. The Disability and Dyslexia Service may be able to write a supporting letter.

Click here to sign up. When you paraphrase and attribute the source of an idea in submjssion essay, each new aspect or continuation of that idea — as may occur in consecutive sentences — must be accurately referenced.


This should be regarded as an opportunity to develop a truly integrated i.

Student Handbook – Brunel University

We will use the term module in the following as that is the term you will usually hear. Some staff provide coursework feedback via Blackboard Learn but this is cougsework uniform across IfE and is used as considered appropriate by individual members of staff.

The credits achieved with these short courses will contribute to their self-accreditation for the Register of Toxicologists. Unpublished material is cited as “personal communication” in the text but is not included in the reference section.

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Learning and Teaching; Chapter B4: In order to commence the Professional Development period, students will have obtained the credits needed for award of the Standard MSc. To consider and recommend to Teaching and Learning Committee proposals for programme development.

brunel coursework submission

rbunel Quality of referencing Excellent Additional comments: It is vital that you know how to reference this material correctly.

Ray Hackney Assignment Submission: In either case, this will tend to be somewhat limited in scope, clarity and depth.

All mitigating circumstances submissions should, wherever possible, be supported by documentary evidence see section There is a University-wide procedure for dealing with requests for Internal Resolution, which your School will operate. The Harvard system allows for the names of three authors in the citation.

All electronic submission will be checked for originality by TurnItIn plagiarism-detecting software for which you will be given specific instructions. The procedure for making an appeal is summarised below, and is also set out in the Submissiom Regulations, specifically Senate Regulation This brunle result in expulsion from the University if falsification is established.

The supervisor or internal supervisor where an external project is carried out should act as first marker to the project.


A separate Mitigating Circumstances Panel considers individual student issues in confidence, and reports to TLC and to the Examination Panel, where final decisions about appropriate actions for acceptance of student work are made.

Student Handbook – Brunel University

Adherence to these guidelines will ensure that the University is able to make submiesion adjustments under the terms of the Equality Act in respect of providing equal treatment and equal access to educational opportunity for all students regardless of their disability status. This guidance will explain in more detail what Good Academic Practice means and the consequences of not engaging in it.

brunel coursework submission

For example, the normal pressures and challenges of student life are unlikely to be accepted as mitigating circumstances. Although you are only required to attend one sometimes two days per week, you must make provision to have time to spend doing the coursework. The 3 rd assessor will have the opportunity to discuss the dissertation with the first two assessors and the decision of the 3rd assessor, with documented rbunel, shall be final; All paperwork associated with an individual dissertation assessment including the two independent assessment forms, the joint assessment form and, if moderation employed, the moderation assessment formas well as the dissertation itself, shall be made available for scrutiny by the External Examiner s.

brunel coursework submission

The knowledge management adaptation from social media provides the ability to create, organize and share contents internally Cho et al. Justified conclusion Unjustified conclusion