Flood management case study: Boscastle to benefit for years to come from new flood defence scheme and regeneration projects [Online] Available at: Physical Impacts Responses to the flooding What happened to cause this event? The pictures show cloud forming over Boscastle at about 1 p. Cloudburst upon Hendraburnick Down: The weight of water eroded river banks, damaged gardens and pavements. People were left homeless for the night, so emergency accommodation had to be set up.

Causes It happened at high tide. Land owners were encouraged to maintain vegetation and plant new trees. Consequently, the soils were already saturated so water could not infiltrate into the ground, causing overland flow on the 16th. The Boscastle Flood Prince Charles, who is the Duke of Cornwall, made a large donation to a fund to help rebuild parts of Boscastle.

Floodwater damaged a great deal of properties. The church was filled with six feet of mud and water.

The Boscastle flood of – A case study of cause, effect and response

The town was effectively closed to tourists after the flood, causing a massive loss of revenue. The flooding also had several other key impacts on Boscastle and its inhabitants.

There was a combination of human and physical causes contributing to a series of effects and impacts. The thickest cloud is shown by the brightest white areas on the picture. Effects Roads were blocked off by the floodwater, making emergency access difficult except from the air.

Boscastle flood – Causes and effects table in GCSE Geography

In addition, 84 wrecked cars were in the harbour, see Figure 8, with another 32 out at sea. Fortunately, nobody died — thanks largely to a huge rescue operation involving helicopters — but there was millions of pounds worth of damage. Map of the area affected What happened to cause this event?


boscastle flood case study facts

The pictures show cloud forming over Boscastle at about 1 p. Peter Report Mon 10th June, The flood on 16 August in Boscastle in Cornwall was the worst in local memory and an Environment Agency report concluded that it was among the most extreme ever experienced in Britain.

A Case Study of the Boscastle Floods

Boscastle is also located on a confluence of three rivers. The wind is blowing anticlockwise about the low pressure area, so the air is arriving into Boscastle from a south-westerly direction.

The combination of high localised temperatures and the great quantity of unabsorbed surface water plus moist winds off the sea caused a great deal of moist, warm air to travel upwards quickly. The Environment Agency has carried a major project to increase flood defences in Boscastle, with the aim of preventing a similar flood happening again.

Flooding On the day of the flood, about 75mm of rain fell in two hours — the same amount that normally falls in the whole of August. Nicholas Pearson Associates, Boscastle to benefit for years to come from new flood defence scheme and regeneration projects [Online] Available at: The line labelled known as a trough line caused very heavy rain and thunderstorms.

Responses to the flooding John Prescott, the Deputy Prime Minister, and Prince Charles visited members of the emergency services and the local GP surgery, which acted as the emergency centre, in the days following the disaster. The flash flood was a freak event. Slide show of photographs of the Boscastle flood. Causes of Flooding- Flood Intensifying Factors.


Boscastle, Cornwall In Augustthe village of Boscastle saw a month’s worth of rain fall in two hours. The Environment Agency is responsible for warning people about floods and reducing the likelihood of future floods. Tree management – dead trees were removed to prevent them being swept away, causing blockages under bridges. The danger of hypothermia, shock or even being swept away was great. Animation of Satellite images Flash Player required.

boscastle flood case study facts

Boscastle is a village popular with tourists on the North Cornish coast, see Figure 5. The sustainable regeneration of Boscastle.

Report Mon 10th June, This unstable environment made prime characteristics for storm development, allowing cloud water to be retained, leading to intense rainfall, with over 1, million litres of rain being recorded in just two hours Golding, Clark and May, ; North Cornwall District Council, This link opens in a new window.