Designed and directed a successful vestibular rehabilitation program. Assures that oral communication both in person and by phone is relayed to appropriate staff person Handles administrative, patient, and personnel information with strict confidentiality; protect the reputation and integrity of others through strict confidentiality; demonstrate a high level of trust Maintains respectful and open communication with fellow staff members Maintains current CPR certification Meet education and licensure requirements below Ability to effectively interact with various patient populations Ability to work independently and problem solve Computer knowledge Must be able to read, write and follow written and oral instructions in English Demonstrates a commitment to service, organization values and professionalism through appropriate conduct and demeanor at all times Adheres to and exhibits our core values. Banks Retired Senior Audiologist Provide comprehensive diagnostic evaluation of children, adults and special populations. Trained Colombian audiologists on hearing aid technology and its platforms and applications. Testing to be conducted according to established protocols Refers to ENT or other appropriate clinician when indicated and according to scope of practice Counsels patient, families and other clinicians regarding hearing loss, hearing aids, tinnitus, vertigo, auditory processing, educational needs, and general communication needs Recommends appropriate aural rehabilitation therapies to include hearing aids, assistive devices and communication strategies as appropriate. Recommends additions to or modifications of referring orders Implements individualized evaluations with consideration to the patient’s physical, social, spiritual, cultural, educational and age specific needs.

Perform vestibular evaluations , provided treatment for BPPV, and counsel on vestibular treatment options. Central auditory processing evaluations. Participated in the development of State H. Skill in Audiometric Testing Knowledge of Audiology Ability to Develop Treatment Plans Click the Submit My Answers button to submit your application package It is your responsibility to ensure your responses and appropriate documentation is submitted prior to the closing date To verify your application is complete, log into your USAJOBS account, select the Application Status link and then select the more information link for this position. Responsible for clinical and administrative oversight of dispensing services at the HAC. Assesses need for and recommends appropriate auditory rehabilitation including but not limited to medical referrals, amplification needs, and educational needs and associated therapeutic intervention Counsels patient and families in regard to evaluation findings and recommendations Dispenses recommended assistive equipment Participates in public information events, volunteer fairs etc.

Provide comprehensive hearing diagnostic evaluation of children, adults and special populations.

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Maintaining professional knowledge Two currixulum years leadership experience preferred Five 5 years or more of pose-licensure experience in the field of state-of-the-art computerized hearing aid dispensing. Collaborates with patient care team to integrate and coordinate plan of care.


Multidisciplinary teamwork evaluation approach to reach appropriate assessment and diagnosis of children with or at risk for developmental disorders Determine appropriate audiometric tests and assess hearing status to children who are referred to the UDAC.

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Participates in the training and orientation of new personnel. Record test results in charts. Fitted hearing aids, and classroom FM systems. Compassionate caregiver with medical knowledge to provide accurate diagnoses and develop comprehensive treatments plans customized for each patient.

Audiology curriculum vitae

High School Graduate or equivalent, strong customer service background Must be dependable, professional, punctual and have good written and verbal communication skills. Measures hearing acuity and identifies the type and degree of hearing loss for patients of all ages by performing: Conducted comprehensive hearing evaluations for school aged children, toddlers, and infants.

Speech Pathology or outside agencies ex. Provides new technology updates and shares information for improving hearing aid fitting skills to staff audiologists and physicians. Processed final audiology reports. Conducted comprehensive noise surveys for approximately one hundred industries utilizing dosimeters and sound level meter per OSHA standard.

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Design and implement organizational development of Hearing and Balance clinics. Lora Audiologixt Valente, Ph. Provide audiological services through available scheduling for seven to eight Communication Disorders audiology patients per clinic day including provision of inpatient audiology services, services to ENT clinic and curriuclum practice patients equivalent to an average of six hours of direct patient contact per full work day Report results of evaluations and recommendations to referring physicians, allied professionals, educational personnel, parents, etc.

audiologist curriculum vitae

Participated in cranio-facial clinic and panels. Proficiency in bluetooth technology streamer, FM systems, Sound field systems, and tinnitus treatment devices. Provide comprehensive hearing diagnostic evaluation of children, adults and special populations Perform vestibular evaluations and treatment. To apply Audiology procedures and protocols and to develop skills to become a well rounded Audiologist. Direct and plan seminars for outreach projects, and develop approaches to educate and create awareness on healthy hearing and balance in all populations.

Strength Emotional strength to deal with difficult and stressful situations. Provide skilled, timely and effective patient care Demonstrate in depth knowledge in Audiology related services Follows protocol, standards and guidelines of care relating to specific diagnosis on assigned service Plan treatment programs with the patient and treatment team Document intervention and strategies for treatment in required organizational systems Participate in team rounds and other educational information to patient and support systems prior to termination of therapy intervention Follow billing and reimbursement procedures Comply with agency and division standards, protocols procedures Assist supervisor in the review of the quality and appropriateness of individual programs and procedures.


To strengthen and touch people’s lives by delivering service with professionalism,team work, empathy, and compassion. Accepts responsibility to contact physicians for routine or difficult problem solving o ensure optimal patient outcome. If you are a certified audiologist, we want you to join our practice and oversee care for patients with hearing loss and balance issues.

I have excellent communication skills, both written and oral, and I strive to be professional at all times; offering our clients the best care, advice and support that is required.

Required to maintain certification in audiology Provide instructional lectures to YNHH staff and residents to familiarize physicians with audiological procedures, interpretation of reported results, and recommended protocols for audiological follow-up Provide administrative services as coordinator of YNHH Newborn hearing screening program Coordinate communication to maintain program efficiency and standard of care.

Managed audiology department in terms of budgets, equipment procurement and maintenance, personnel and marketing.

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Establishes auidologist Plan of Care when appropriate. Maintains equipment calibration standards Develops and maintains a quality improvement program May be required to be “on-call. Physically and otoscopically examines the outer structures of the ear Procedures may include appropriate ear cleaning evaluation, fitting and dispensing of hearing aids; cochlear implant assessment, programming and rehabilitation; and electrophysiologic evaluation of the vestibular and auditory mechanisms, in addition to electroacoustic measures of the peripheral and central auditory systems Counsels individuals with auditory disorders, their families and other service providers regarding the etiology of the disorder and its management One 1 year in diagnostic evaluation of hearing, prevention, habilitation and rehabilitation services for auditory problems One 1 year of post-licensure experience in the field of audiology.