Lumads or vice versa, national laws should prevail. There has never been any indication in the Constitution, especially in Article X, regarding the creation of smaller states. The congress and ad hoc committee cannot finish this law properly if the executive department keeps on pressuring them. April 1, at 8: Continued mass poverty and corruption.

Mendoza has testified to in the Senate Sub-Committee and other hearings. In the end it is those back home who bear the most consequences. Article 23, altered after , read as follows:. Topped the Accenture assessment center test in especially in terms of confidence, but decided to join a German IT startup because it gave me more room to grow my skills in different directions to form my own business later with possible connection to Philippines and accomplish the mission Pisay inculcated which was to advance Philippine development. The Moros inspite of the trail of blood, theirs and ours should now be our compatriots. His oral exams were tough, two hours face to face with only him, he would not only quiz for facts but ask you to explain a practical case where the things he had taught were applied. But then again you have these preconditions:

In his spontaneous reactions he is typical for his generation — — the generation which much ambitions for their country and for their children, somewhat harsh in discipline but short on praise at times, the generation that saw with their own eyes a more discipline race slap us, humiliate us and sometimes even behead us — the Japanese.

Does not say they are Filipinos. But I agree more has to be done to heal Mamasapano. Early Philippine Republic Section 2.

argumentative essay about bangsamoro basic law

These matters may seem trivial, but in state affairs they never are, being semi-religious. It needs to be amended and revised.


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But if we are to leave them to themselves, what has priority for me is the Republic and the Christian Filipinos who then still live in Bangsamoro, if they stay long is another question. Disarmament should be a prerequisite as the first thing in the transition easay.

Gov’t needs Plan B”. Bangsamoro Autonomous Region creation plebiscite, It is the sesay question with clear arguments pro and contra by the old Greeks. But is a Muslim necessary in the Bureau of Meteorology or the Statistics Authority as a representative of Bangsamoro and not on his own qualifications as a weatherman or a statistician?

Symbolic aspects Flag, anthem, emblem, titular head, calling themselves Bangsamoro people No mention of the Republic of the Philippines or Filipino citizenship This is something people may see differently so I left it outside…. The unconstitutionalities need to be solved.

Essay: My take on the constitutionality of Bangsamoro Basic Bill

Article II Mentions that the inhabitant have the right to be part of bangsamoro…. No direct right of the Armed Forces to intervene or monitor matters. Drilon, who was an intervenor. I also think BBL should have been made an assignment in schools.

Bangsamoro Organic Law

April 4, at 6: I think the lack of answers is due to the complexity of the BBL itself, which is rather like trying to figure out an entire Constitution, looking into basuc future. The BBL wants to enshrine the source of conflict into our laws.

In basc past, these autonomous regions, while given independence, are still generally governed by the Central Government, and are still subject to its limitations. The signing came at the end of peace talks held in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia from 2—6 October. As for intentions of the ancestors, a certain Native American tribe has an a rule that chiefs must think of seven generations to come in every decision they bangsmaoro — a hard exercise but good.


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This work identifies and compares the peace process in Muslim Mindanao before and the peace process during So I think it is hard for them to demonstrate good faith without feeling they are surrendering to oppression. Can you restate the babgsamoro for me? I looked only at the BBL to focus on the purely risk issues, the other issues are complex so I structured it. The Philippine Constitution Association believes that argumentatiive Bangsamoro Organic Law will lead to the destruction and dismemberment of the Philippines.

argumentative essay about bangsamoro basic law

Maguindanaon Maranao Tausug Yakan. This is partly what I mean by Islamic encroachment which is akin to Catholic encroachment and INC encroachment but on a vastly more pernicious scale.

I kept that out of my analysis because it is a topic in itself — and a risk not to the Republic but to Bangsamoro internally.

Furthermore, through no fault of the Muslim peoples, there does not seem to be any historical or cultural reason why the form of government sought to be established by the BBL should depart from what is now constitutionally mandated for the entire nation: